The previous admission oath to the office of Elder went as follows: I, (insert full given name here) , a loyal Ediomahvan, promise to always obey the fundamental purposes and princeipals of the Ediomahvans; to strive to come up with words and definitions whenever possible, to attend Ediomahvan meetings at least once a week, to serve the ediomahvan people faithfully, and to be honest, kind and loyal to all Ediomahvans. I will continually give new ideas and have the best creativity I can muster. I am ready to be an ediomahvan elder.

This is the oath that we had to take in front of at least 1 other elder to officially become an ediomahvan elder after you make up 20 words, take a test, and prove that you acctually want to be an ediomahvan in some kind of way.

Now, due to changes in the Ediomahvan program the New Oath for all Ediomahvans is as follows:

I, (insert full given name here), bestowing upon myself the title of Ediomahvan, promise to be creative in my dealings with the Ediomahvans when possible.

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