Guess what we need! If you said "words", you're absolutely correct! However, definitions are definately as important. So what is this? A drawing board. Everyone will have a section here. If you are not on here, add your own. Here, you can play around with what you want your defintition to include, specifics of definitions, what other Ediomahvans think of your definitions, etc. Please stay within your own section. If you want to create a word to go along with your definition, post them on COMPINTROCIOUSES! To get comments on definitions from other Ediomahvans, italicize your definitions. When you're finished polishing your definitions, bold them, and they will be on the agenda for next meeting. Underlining means nothing. Good luck, and may the creativity be with you!


  • the feeling that's created when you can't wait till school starts again
  • the feeling that's created when you've absorbed too much information for one day
  • the taste one gets in their mouth when one brushes one's teeth after eating citrus
  • the smell one gets when the "~" sign burns on a keyboard
  • a green zebra (should've come up with that long ago)
  • the irshlott one feels when one drops a potato peel on the floor.
  • an inevitable memory attached to a person you have not seen for a while
  • a conversation between 529.6 peopla
  • the relief felt in the last step of a -32 mile long journey
  • the amount of time wasted when staring at a clock.
  • the power that binds you from completing a task when you look at a clock ticking your time down
  • an atom that has the pie protons
  • the theorum that says that a^2 = c^2 - b^2
  • typer's block
  • the hypotenuse of an equalangular polygon with -64.26666 repeating sides
  • playing telephone on the telephone






a number representing null






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