• Pvgreenzebra

    New Additions!

    July 18, 2011 by Pvgreenzebra

    We have some new features we've added to the Ediomahvan Wiki! We hope you enjoy them! Here they are:

    This page lets you specifically assign your words and definitions together. So if you want "parpilate" to go with "to turn into a pop-tart", then you can make sure it doesn't go with "a library of nachos"! You can find more instructions on the page.

    The Word Tree is a way that you can sort htrough the 100+ words we have based ont he first letter of the alphabet! So that way, if you're looking for "spartej", you simply go the Word Tree, click on the letter S, and a link to "Spartej" will show up! That saves you timeso that you don't end up wading through the Word List in order to find it.

    That isn't really a page, but if you think these are goo…

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    June 30, 2011 by

    Just checking up!! How is everyone doing?

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